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We play with Polymers

We are based at Marsden Port, Northland in beautiful New Zealand. Surrounded by scenery it is a truly great area with happy and relaxed people.


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Earthtwine™ reduces plastic in greenhouses


EXTRUTEC won the Northland Inc Innovate Northland award in 2018 for a new compostable twine - EARTHTWINE™.


Northland lifestyle a big plus

By NZ Manufacturer June 2019

Regional development is a phrase that's getting plenty of airtime these days, especially with Government's Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) promising to pump billions of dollars into forgotten corners of New Zealand.


Northland business award winners cover wide range of firms

By NORTHERN ADVOCATE posted 31st Oct, 2018

Northland's business community came together to recognise the best at the 2018 Westpac Northland Business Excellence Awards at Forum North on Friday.

Businesses from throughout Northland submitted 46 unique entries across five business categories, seven ancillary categories and an overall supreme winner.

Extrutec Ltd took out the Northland Inc Innovation Award.

The judges said:

Extrutec is a business that produces filaments for the agricultural industry, mainly hothouses and bailing twine. In the past the plastic twines have been impossible to recycle and, mixed with all plant material at the end of the seasons, had to be dumped. Extrutec has developed a new biodegradable twine enabling growers to repurpose both the plant material and the twine as compost.

The applications for this technology are significant, and the increased worldwide market demand for these products will enable this Northland business to grow in a smart and truly sustainable way. Their expertise and commercial application through their innovative development process has resulted in a product that will make a positive contribution in the war on plastics.

This team did not "get tied up" with the status quo but challenged conventional processes to be able to be recognised as the most innovative business in Northland in 2018

We re-locate to Marsden Point

By Bream Bay News posted 27th April, 2017

Joe Wiid, director of Extrutec inside the company’s new Marsden Point warehouse.

There is a big new warehouse down near the port. It has the name Extrutec emblazoned on it and inside it houses machinery to manufacture nylon line for use as medical filaments or in weedeaters, fencing, packaging and for the fishing industry.

Joe Wiid, the owner of this business said he needed a bigger warehouse for machinery he had developed to make a 50 metre long line for the commercial fishing industry and he found it too expensive to purchase land in Silverdale, where his business was previously located.

Mr. Wiid said he had his new machinery in storage for two years while he searched for a suitable site for a new warehouse.

He said, “We are truly excited to be here in this beautiful area and appreciate the support we get from other local companies, Marsden Maritime Holdings, and all the friendly people of the area.”

He predicts more industries will make the move to Mardsen Point because of the proximity of the port and the shortage of industrial land in and around Auckland.

At present Extrutec employs five people, not all of them based at Marsden Point.

Mr. Wiid said as the business grows and new lines of products are developed more jobs are likely to be created.

A new product to be launched this month will be biodegradable tie wire and Mr. Wiid hopes to further expand to recycle plastic bottle into new products.


We play with Polymers


100% NZ Made Trimmer Line

All Trimmer Line are not equal when it comes to performance in the field. With our experience in producing nylon filaments since the early seventies, we have consistently developed new and improved products for this market.We now manufacture some of the toughest Trimmer lines on the planet.



We manufacture for the commercial fishing line ranging from 1mm to 6mm diameter. With our new purpose built factory we will be expanding our range to bring you a superior product. We will be adding stoppered products to our range soon.


10 Year Outdoor Warranty

Our fencing wire is made from Polyester and is used for vineyards, coastal and waterway fencing as a replacement for steel wire. The advantage is that its very easy to recycle, rustproof, UV Stable, 5 times lighter than steel (easy to handle) and a higher linear strength.


Our future focus is on manufactruring novel environmentally friendly products. We will achieve this by expand our bio-polymer product range and by recycling polymer waste and repurposing them into new products.

Our Factory


Our new factory is purpose built to house our five extrusion lines. One of these lines is 50 meters long! We are based at Marsden Port, Northland in beautiful New Zealand. Surrounded by scenery it is a truly great area with happy and relaxed people. We have had outstanding support from Marsden Maritime Holdings to develop these new premises and grow our product range.


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