Horticultural Clips and Supports

There is a growing demand for biodegradable / compostable products for use in agri- and horticulture as growers increasingly take a stand against farming practices that are not environmentally sustainable. To meet the widening demand, we have developed a range of clips and trusses to complement our range of compostable twines.

The clips are compostable and there are options for both hot composting and soil composting environments which make the clips convenient to dispose of while reducing the waste caused by traditional plastic alternatives. 

Now you can put all your residual plant material straight into compost at the end of the grow season.  No need to separate out the twine or clips first.  The biodegradable clips are designed to simplify hothouse/orchard operations when matched with your particular composting environment.  We have compostable clips for hot composting to complement the original EarthTwine and soil compostable clips for orchards where clips cannot be practically retrieved to go into compost.

Soil compostable (soil degradable) clips will break down when left on the orchard floor as the microbes in the soil will break these down through their digestive processes.   

Degradation through composting only starts when the clips are introduced to either a hot composting or soil composting environment.  The clips are designed not to deteriorate in warm and humid hothouse conditions or through sun and rain when used outside.

Although these clips are designed to ultimately be composted, they can be reused multiple times before they are composted. We recommend that the clips be sterilised before reuse.  Twine used with the clips should not be reused but composted after each crop.

Greenhouse clips/Stem clips

  • Provides support for the plant stem by fixing a support string/twine.
  • Supports crops to be more stable 
  • Reduces the pressure caused by increasing weight as the plant grows and fruit develops
  • Guides growing plants by holding twine in the correct position
  • Can be used in continually humid conditions without breaking down

Available in 2 sizes:

  • 14mm oval clip for cucumbers
  • 21mm round clips for tomatoes and capsicums

Truss/Arch support clips 

  • Supports plant branches to prevent stems and trusses from drooping and breaking off due the increasing weight of fruiting
  • Reduces damage to laterals and subsequent risk of disease
  • Made to be flexible enough to adapt to the shape of branches without forcing them into shape
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Can be used in continually humid conditions without breaking down

If you have any questions at all, or would like to enquire about the above products, please get in touch.

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