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At Extrutec, we are on a mission…

We belong to an industry that, regrettably, has become the poster-child for pollution and unsustainable products. That just won’t do anymore.

It has been our mission to transform our business from being part of the problem to offering a solution.

Through dedicated innovation and dogged determination, we have successfully developed products for a range of New Zealand’s primary industries that don’t harm the environment. Our unique polymers are both biodegradable and compostable and have exciting applications for many industries.

The journey continues as we strive towards our goal of transitioning all of our products to being eco-friendly, with constant research into the technologies needed to achieve this.

Keep an eye on our news page for updates.


Our future focus is on manufacturing novel environmentally friendly products. We will achieve this by expanding our bio-polymer product range and by recycling polymer waste and repurposing them into new products

Our Factory

Our new factory is purpose-built to house our five extrusion lines. One of these lines is 50 meters long! We are based at Marsden Port, Northland in beautiful New Zealand. Surrounded by scenery it is a truly great area with happy and relaxed people. We have had outstanding support from Marsden Maritime Holdings to develop these new premises and grow our product range.

Our Projects


100% NZ Made Trimmer Line, with 40 years of development experience to give you one of the toughest lines on the planet.


100% NZ Made Superiour Quality Fishing Line. Breaking loads of over 1,000kg and up to 6mm in diameter. We are currently installing new machinery we developed and will be working closely with our partners to distribute to the Asia Pacific region. We are continuously developing new technologies to improve our fishing line. Watch this space for our new stoppered longline for the commercial fishing industry. Please contact our sole distributor beauline.nz for Australasia.


Our fencing wire is made from Polyester and is used in vineyards, coastal and waterway fencing as a replacement for steel wire. The advantages are that it is very easy to recycle, it is rustproof, UV stable, five times lighter than steel which makes it easier to work with despite the higher linear strength. It also come with our ten year outdoor warranty.


Great product for simple binding and fastening. Soft plastic finish provides user friendly tying. Why choose us? New Zealander Owned, 100% Manufactured in New Zealand. Credible packaging specialists with an extensive history in the industry.

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