EVERCUT Trimmer Line

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Our commitment to quality is two fold:  

  1.  You deserve the best value for your money.  We know how frustrating and unproductive it is when trimmer line breaks often.  When you buy a New Zealand made product you should expect good quality and a product that works in New Zealand conditions.  We have spent years improving EVERCUT to be top quality by listening to the feedback of users and by sourcing the most suitable raw materials for durability, strength, heat resistance and to avoid fraying or splitting.
  2. The environment matters a lot to us.  We understand that traditional trimmer lines are not great for the environment and we are actively working on finding a biodegradable alternative.  Unfortunately that is not yet possible because bioplastic raw materials are not able to provide the heat resistance and impact strength required to make a good trimmer line.  Until we can make a truly high quality alternative, we will continue to reduce the environmental impact as much as we can by using only high quality raw materials (less breakage = less waste) and sell only in bulk spools – 1kg, 1.5kg and 4kg spools (bulk quantities = less packaging). 

EVERCUT can be used with any line trimmer and is not associated with a specific brand of trimmer.  Size, in the case of trimmer line, refers to diameter or thickness.  The general rule is the thicker the plant material you are cutting, the thicker the trimmer line needs to be.  A thicker line is generally stronger and more durable and wears out slower.  On the flipside, the thicker the line, the stronger the motor needs to be to maintain the same speed.  It is important to choose the right size of line for your machine so we recommend that you always check the user manual for your machine to ensure that you get the right size and shape.  

We make EVERCUT in four different shapes – round, square, hexagon and twisted.

Different shapes are used for different applications, although they are interchangeable to a large extend.  We wrote a blog post about selecting the right shape of EVERCUT for your application if you would like to know more about the detail. Round line is the most commonly requested line and a good allrounder.  Shapes with a cutting edge, like square and hexagon, are preferred for their slicing action, which can be more efficient in thick grass, but this often depends on personal preference.  Our twisted lines were developed to specifically be quieter and cause less vibration.  The lower vibration is particularly beneficial for operators looking to reduce the stress on their own joints, but it is also beneficial for your line trimmer and specifically reduces wear on the clutch.

The EVERCUT range covers diameters from 2.0mm to 4.0mm, making it suitable for a wide range of users and different trimmers.  For more information on choosing the write diameter of trimmer line, check out this blog post.

Trimmer line is known by several other names, like strimmer line, weedeater line, weedwacker line or grass cutting string.

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