We re-locate to Marsden Point

Joe Wiid, the owner of this business said he needed a bigger warehouse for machinery he had developed to make a 50 metre long line for the commercial fishing industry and he found it too expensive to purchase land in Silverdale, where his business was previously located.

Mr. Wiid said he had his new machinery in storage for two years while he searched for a suitable site for a new warehouse.

He said, “We are truly excited to be here in this beautiful area and appreciate the support we get from other local companies, Marsden Maritime Holdings, and all the friendly people of the area.”

He predicts more industries will make the move to Mardsen Point because of the proximity of the port and the shortage of industrial land in and around Auckland.

At present Extrutec employs five people, not all of them based at Marsden Point.

Mr. Wiid said as the business grows and new lines of products are developed more jobs are likely to be created.

A new product to be launched this month will be biodegradable tie wire and Mr. Wiid hopes to further expand to recycle plastic bottle into new products.

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