EARTHTWINE™ Compostable Twine, White 800m spool


• Biodegradable alternative to non-degradable PP twine
• Turn plant waste into valuable compost
• UV resistant
• Not prone to rot or mould like natural twine
• Fully compostable together with plant material
• High strength material that will not deteriorate with regular watering

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Fully compostable twine developed and manufactured in New Zealand.  EarthTwine is suitable for supporting both undercover and outdoor crops and will completely break down in industrial composting conditions. No need to separate the twine from plant materials.

Conversion to compost takes on average 90 days, but can be achieved in as little as 60 days given optimum industrial composting conditions. The twine breaks down into water, Co2, biomass and carbon with no harmful residues remaining.

This model is suitable for crops with a lower static weight such as capsicums (peppers), cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, flowers, etc.

Each individual spool comes wrapped in our proprietary compostable wrapping so you can also compost the packaging.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg



800m spool

Tensile Strength

Average Breaking Load 25kgf


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