Team 2021

Mark, Jason, Liza, Joe, Steven, Theunie

Team 2020

Mark, Joe, Theunie, Jakub, Jonathan

      Image by The Quadfather Photography

As individuals, we take pride in the work that we do. We play to our individual strengths and celebrate our differences because that is what makes us successful as a team.

Collectively, as a team, we live by these values:

✔ We embrace innovation and a culture of learning, because “it is kind of fun doing the impossible” (Walt Disney)

✔ Because “innovation never happens in isolation” (Joe Wiid), we are always open to collaboration both within the team and beyond our business

✔ Kindness, compassion and appreciation form the basis of all our relationships – within the team, with our customers and co-creators and especially Mother Earth

✔ Every customer is a VIP and receives the same level of service and care. That is why we do not have one team member responsible for customer service – we all take responsibility for delivering a quality product and good service

✔ Honesty and integrity underpin all our dealings and we seek out customers, suppliers and collaborators who believe this also

✔ Our product development is customer-led. Meaning that we do whatever it takes to ensure that we understand the environment you operate in and the challenges you face so that we can provide you with the best solution

✔ Our manufacturing processes are environmentally respectful. Meaning we are mindful of the resources we consume and use the most appropriate materials for the products we create. If at all possible, we use compostable, biodegradable or recycled materials when manufacturing our products 

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