Earthtwine with produce

Earthtwine™ is made from plant-based biopolymers – that simply means plastic-like material but derived from plant starch, also called biodegradable plastic.  It can be converted to compost in industrial composting conditions in as little as 60 days (depending on the temperature and humidity maintained in your composting system).  It is designed to replace twine made from polypropylene (PP) and it can be used for outdoor crops such as hops and kiwifruit as well as undercover crops such as capsicums and kiwifruit.  

Our aim is to provide users of horticultural/agricultural twines with a fully compostable alternative that is not only kind to the environment but similar technical specifications as conventional plastic twine.

Earthtwine™ can be used in various applications. We currently have growers using it in large commercial glasshouses, hop gardens and commercial flower farms.  It can also be used as baling twine (non-wrapped) and a tying and support twine for fruit like apples, grapes and kiwifruit. 

We developed and tested EarthTwine™ by working very closely with commercial growers in New Zealand to ensure that it meets the demands of the local industry. It is also being trialled by growers in Australia, Canada and several sites in the United States.

We consider this an industry first, but we have also developed a compostable wrapping for EarthTwine™, so the packaging we use on individual spools can also be composted.

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